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‘Tectonic Shatter’

This is the background or back surface and subsequent steps for Tectonic Shatter.

Most backgrounds are produced horizontally on the ground on plastic sheeting. The canvas is soaked in water then splayed out. Often the canvas is tacked/ stapled to a platform of plywood to reduce tightening/shrinkage- akin to working with animal hide(s).

Next, various colored acrylic mixtures are poured over the laid out canvas- the back or top in other words.

Drying visual results and textures are dependent upon the ratio of water to paint each mixture is composed of. Once dry, the canvas is pealed of the plastic and flipped over.

Thus, the back (or bottom) becoming the front (or top). The end result of this process is always a surprise due to the non machined / lack of evidential hand manipulation / anti gestural / alchemistical transformation of the varied liquid mediums that are soaked into the canvas and left to dry for days.

The design and mold making.

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