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Commission: Developing imagery, background, and digital color map.

This is the background or back surface that will be used for a special commission!

Most backgrounds are produced horizontally on the ground on of plastic sheeting. Various colored mixtures are poured over the laid out canvas- the back or top in other words.

Drying visual results and textures are dependent upon the ratio of water to paint each mixture is composed of. Once dry, the canvas is pealed of the plastic and flipped over.

Thus, the back (or bottom) becoming the front (or top). The end result of this process is always a surprise due to the non control or alchemistical transformation of the varied liquid mediums that are soaked into the canvas.

Here is the source imagery from the client and a quick Illustrator drawing that is used for color picking.

Below is the color fill that will be used to select actual real world acrylic paint colors.

Final mock up with digital drawing over top of developed background.

Here are the final colors chosen with a detail shot of the background.

Later this week, I will be drawing this design on the canvas, making molds, and finally pouring paint for all the shapes. stay tuned.

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